Real estate

The law firm deals with real estate sale and purchase agreements from the very beginning, which covers not only preparation of the agreement itself but also the connecting real estate registration procedure. Our almost five-year experience in this field help us to provide legal service in matters related either to conveyance of property or to rental covering legal counseling, preparation of agreements and also connecting procedures.

We have made foundation documentations of numerous condominium buildings through the years, therefore we have comprehensive knowledge on this matter too. We follow the changes of concerning legal regulations constantly so we can always be at your service with up-to-date knowledge.

 Company law

The most popular ways of running a business are the different types of partnership, even among these limited liability company (ltd.) are the most common especially because of its members’ limited liability and its easy and cheap foundation.

The law firm provides several companies with permanent or ad hoc legal representation , not only in front of authorities and at court, but also at company registration procedures. Concerning company registration we can provide you accurate legal service with short deadlines and competitive commissions.

 Labor law

Labor law matters have significant role in everybody’s life, since either as employer or employee almost everybody is in employment relationships. Labor law has grown a very complex branch of law which needs professional and up-to-date knowledge and wide rage of experience. Taking into account that even only one unlawful action in field of labor law may lead to a long-lasting litigation and serious financial consequences, legal counseling in these matters is essential.

Whereas most labor law questions need to be answered and solved right away, we handle requests concerning such matters flexible and provide fast answers both orally and in writing.

Dr. László Radics and Dr. Tímea László - Attorneys at Nyíregyháza